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Scott Slatton

Hello, my name is Scott Slatton and I am a software engineer with a background in game development and information technology.

I have technical and game design skills in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, C#, React.js, Redux, Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. I am certified in Networking and Information Technology Operations.

Currently, I am seeking new, full time software engineering opportunities that are based in Seattle or remote.

Flatiron School

Full-Stack Engineering Student

Worked independently and in pairs to develop and deploy 5 projects in a 15 week period utilizing Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and React.

Copiers Northwest

Software Support Specialist

Performed software installations and troubleshooting for data collection. Customer service oriented role with a strong emphasis on network troubleshooting.

Gamma Minus

3D Character Rigger

I created some intricate and detailed humanoid and monster rigs for the game Cold Comfort.